What's included in Accies WFC TV?

Accies WFC TV includes access to exclusive interviews, highlights of First Team and some Academy matches, behind the scenes access and one off documentaries. 

It can be watched on PC, mobile and tablet.

Can i watch streamed live games?  

We do not currently have a live streaming function but this is something we will be looking into in the coming Months.

Is Accies WFC TV available in my country? 

Yes Accies WFC TV is made available to all countries without restriction. it is possible that access to Accies WFC TV may be blocked by your countries own network.


Why is there no video displaying on the page (PC)? 

 If you are on a PC you need to make sure you have the latest version of the Flash player: 

We recommend that you work with the latest versions of the following browsers:

• Firefox: 

• Chrome: 

• Internet Explorer: 

In addition remove any advertisements blocker (such as ‘Adblock plus’) that might be plugged in your browser, as publishers tend to block access to their content if this tool is detected.

You might not be allowed to watch the stream because of domain restriction or geo-blocking defined by the publisher. In this case a popup will display a message and you will not be able to watch the content at all.

If you are using Windows 8 (Windows RT only) on a tablet with Internet Explorer, you might not be able to watch our flash content depending on the website. Indeed Microsoft now requires that all websites willing to display flash videos register their domain on their Compatibility View list. A quick workaround is to use Internet Explorer for the desktop or another browser where possible.

Why is the video not playing or not playing smoothly on my mobile phone / tablet?
 If video is unable to play:

First of all make sure you have javascript enabled on your mobile browser. Refer to your Web browser’s documentation on how to enable it.

Android devices can read videos as they are up to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. Devices with a newer OS will be unable to play Flash content.

Videos streamed through our platform cannot be watched on Blackberry devices.

 If video is slow on your mobile: 

  Where possible use the wifi network to watch streamed content. Running on 3G network can often be too limited to allow smooth streaming. 4G is perfect for medium to high quality content delivery.

Why is the video is buffering or regularly freezing 

Is your connection fast enough? Try to stop all current downloads, videos you are watching or torrents and go on Test your download speed, results should show a minimum of 1Mbps to process streamed content along with usual browsing activities efficiently.

If the player displays an array of values in the control bar (flavor selector at bottom of the player), try and select the lowest number.

Why can I not download or embed the content I am watching on another site?

Accies WFC TV does not allow you to grab the embed code or download videos.

Can I view Accies WFC TV on my games console (Xbox, PS), Smart TV?  

We host all of our videos through YouTube so they can all be viewed by using your game consoles YouTube Client and heading over to Hamilton Academical WFC Official Channel


If you have any other questions you can reach us at