Hamilton Academical WFC are proudly continuing their support Show Racism the Red Card’s Match Actions Campaign during Spartans vs Hamilton Academical. Show Racism the Red Card is the UK’s leading anti-racism Education Charity, and our club has supported their messages of tolerance and inclusion for many years. Now more than ever, the importance of active anti-racism cannot be overstated.

Across Scottish football, clubs will show their commitment to anti-racism over one weekend – Friday 28th, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th October. In doing so we can raise the profile of year round commitment to anti-racism within football. Show Racism the Red Card works within schools, workplaces, sport, and community organisations to educate children, young people, and adults on challenging prejudice and stereotypes, using the power of football as a powerful tool to initiate conversations about anti-racism. They ran educational programmes with over 10,000 participants here in Scotland over the past year.  

Here at Hamilton Academical, we recognize the importance of being alert to the inequalities that persist due to racism. A recent SRtRC survey revealed 46% of staff are aware of racist bullying or discrimination in Scottish schools, while 66.4% are aware of pupils expressing misconceptions, stereotypes, or negative attitudes that are racist. 

Chris Priestley, from Show Racism the Red Card had this to say; “We are delighted with the support for anti-racism that exists within Scottish football and are very proud of our upcoming match actions. However the work must continue. We call on our supporters to continue to challenge racism. It is a shared responsibility across the game, from dressing rooms to boardrooms, and from stadiums to social media, to ensure that an anti-racism ethos is maintained throughout the year. 

Captain Megan Quinn: “We are proud to continually support this campaign. It is quite simple, there is no place for racism and other forms of abuse that still affect the game we all love. Football is the national sport to be enjoyed by everyone – man, women, boy, girl, from any ethnic background and of any religion.”

Hamilton Academical WFC stands with everyone who has had to endure racial prejudice in all areas of their lives. We condemn all forms of racism and any racist behaviour will not be tolerated at our club.

Football is a sport that is loved across the world and football matches should be an enjoyable experience for everyone, of all backgrounds. Education is the key and Hamilton Academical will support Show Racism the Red Card to ensure Scotland is equipped with the tools to challenge and eradicate racism from football and society.

For useful resources and information from Show Racism the Red Card, please:


Visit their Website: www.theredcard.org
Explore their anti-racism video platform: https://voices.theredcard.org/ 

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