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Camera Operator

We are looking for several camera operators to aid in the production of our Live matches and Match Day Highlights packages.


Camera Operators are responsible for maintaining the operation of their specific camera position.

  • Main/Safety Camera Position - The main camera captures the match at a semi-wide angle and maintains slow and fluid movement.
  • Secondary/Back-Up Camera Position - The secondary camera captures the play at a medium to tight angle from a similar position to the main camera. Can be switched if there is a problem with the main camera.
  • Supplementary Camera Position - This camera is used for both post-match interviews and to supplement the footage from the first two cameras. Static position based at ground level.
  • Dynamic Camera Position - Sometimes referred to as a 'roving' camera. Held or mounted to the operator to allow movement of the camera. Gets interesting shots of the action and conducts on field post-match interviews if needed.



Applicants should have at least some prior experience in basic camera operation

Applicants with their own equipment are desirable. This includes:

  • Camera with a clean HDMI or SDI output and ability to record autonomously for over 90 minutes. (Cameras for certain positions must also have optical image stabilization and zoom functions)
  • Tripod preferably a video tripod with a fluid drag system.
  • A video rig for dynamic camera positions so that the camera can be comfortably rested on the shoulder or supported by the back.
Job Benefits

This position will serve to give applicants experience in a live broadcast environment and the ability to add content to working portfolios.



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August 13, 2021
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Position: Camera Operator