Hamilton Academical WFC are delighted with todays announcement from Scottish Women’s Football (SWF) that the Scottish Women’s Premier League (SWPL) will begin a 2020 / 2021 season on October 18th.
We believe it is essential that the top arm of our game in Scotland starts again in 2020 and can continue to thrive and show the strength in women’s sport in Scotland. We firmly believe this will inspire the next generation of young players.
Supporters and sponsors will no doubt have many questions and we have constructed an FAQ to answer the key points in the SWF statement and what that means for you, our incredible fan base and partners.
The staff and players cannot wait to get back playing and we all thank you all for your continued support through this very difficult period – we can’t wait to see you all soon!

General FAQ:
Q: What does the “null and void” season mean?
A: The League (1 match) and League Cup (completed group stage) will effectively be removed and we will start again with a new League season and new League Cup.
Q: Does that mean player appearances / goal will not count?
A: We will still count those appearances and goals for Accies as they were official matches but those figures will not count in the new 2020 / 2021 season stats.
For example, Megan Quinn reached 100 appearances for Accies during the League Cup which as a Club we count (what a great servant!), but those appearances will not count in out new 2020/2021 season stats – so she starts from 0 appearances not 4.
Q: What are the new fixtures and dates?
A: These will be released by SWF on August 21st.
Q: What will the season look like?
A: The season will continue as was expected if we had ran in 2020. 27 League matches will be played in SWPL 2 and an SWPL League Cup which will run at the end of the League season. There will be no Scottish Cup in this season due to the condensed calendar.
Q: What if there is another outbreak?
A: Discussions are still ongoing within the League Management Committee and Clubs on what would happen if another outbreak occurred. This will be communicated at a later date.

Supporter FAQ:

Q: Will my 2020 season ticket still be valid?
A: Absolutely! There is no need to change anything, we will accept your 2020 season ticket at the turnstile until the end of the new 2020/2021 season.
Q: When can supporters return to home matches?
A: At present, our guidelines remain with the SPFL season and no supporters can be admitted to matches. This is an ongoing issue and as soon as we can get supporters into the Stadium we will. Please be patient with us, we are working hard!

Q: Will Accies WFC match highlights still continue?
A: As a leader in the Women’s game when it comes to media output, it is our aim to still provide all of our media content pre and post-match. We ask for understanding as this could be impacted by regulations inside venues.
Q: Will Accies WFC matches be streamed?
A: This is an option we will explore, but logistically it could prove difficult to stream matches live.

Sponsor FAQ:
Q: How does the cancelled 2020 season affect my sponsorship?
A: Your sponsorship will just be shifted from covering the 2020 season to covering till the end of the new 2020/2021 season. You don’t need to do anything.
Q: I am a longer term sponsor than 1 year, what happens?
A: Your sponsorship will fall in line with the new season

If you have any other questions, please contact us at: accieswfc@gmail.com